just what we need          a headless corpse walking

our kind of man              we need people like him

to spread the message              corporate ideals done deals

we have him where we want him          the headless corpse walking.


Put him on a plane          to meet our clients

savvy switched in types          name tags

bifold minds          lavish kitchen diners

wives with tight vaginas.


if he has kids all the better          they will be blown apart to be smart

and indulged          he's our man, whatever.

ambitious  meretricious          his tastes only the latest

what he picks up on the hoof          and in the kitchen parties


it's as american as we can get          sweeten him up but with force

slap him in the face with figures          to keep him in line


headless corpse walking          in the future that can be recycled

all in good time          and he can get fucked

like us all          when the time is right

as his light starts to fade          and his body flatulates

with the wonderful fucking mystery of it all

when the reaper comes to call


and there will be others.




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Fri 29th Jan 2016 20:10

Thanks Jim. Talking of Cream, I hope you don't suffer the same problems as Jack Bruce and Ginger Baker , apparently a stabbing at one point I think !!

I admire Police as well with that line up.
Happy days. I keep playing but in the big band format.
cheers Ray

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Jim Trott

Fri 29th Jan 2016 15:44

Hi Ray

If this is the future, then I'm glad I'm too old to see much of it! These moves towards conformity are worrying; not too many steps away from the Stalin era, I fear.

Yes, a bass it is. I play in a three-piece rock band (Hendrix, Cream etc) - and I'm the youngest member!! You're never too old to rock'n'roll...........

Stay well, and have a good weekend.


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Fri 29th Jan 2016 12:07

Thanks Jim - some vitriol in this . I'm afraid this might be the future with its conformist lemming mentality . Nice to see your picture - is that a bass? My favourite instrument as I'm a keyboard player !

Stu. This actually is drawn from someone close to home. It's hard to take the piss out of. but I like to try. He is definitely in a tug of war as a person. Thanks for your comment. Ray

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Stu Buck

Fri 29th Jan 2016 11:40

great stuff. love the phrasing. i hold a degree of sympathy for such people, they are very much crushed under the boot of western society. blame the boot not the beetle.

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Jim Trott

Fri 29th Jan 2016 04:23

Hi Ray.

I like this a lot.

Sadly, we've all met this kind of person. No substance to them; held together only by a sense of their own self-importance.

Awful, ignorant people.

And they're on the increase..........

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