chicken in a basket

racist jokes

      gogo dancers

      macho blokes

long haired musos

(robinson crusoes)

      smoking pot

      and drinking ouzos

flowered shirts

platform heels

      saturday nights

      jellied eels

watching the telly

with arthur and terry

      revving up the old cortina

      scrubbing it out

with toilet cleaner

sony this and sony that

      cassettes that jam

      in the laundromat

gigs in transits

yorkshire bound

      the oil light on

      that tapping sound

pissed and tired

money owed

      too many nights

      on the lonesome road


That was the seventies

as I recall

      there's more

      much more

but i'm tired now

it's long ago

      i've gotta go

      now that i've finished

my tale of woe.




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Greg Freeman

Tue 2nd Feb 2016 17:37

Enjoyed hearing this last night at the Keystone, Ray. "Sony this and sony that" is one of my favourite lines ... plus scrubbing out the old Cortina with toilet cleaner, of course.

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Wed 27th Jan 2016 12:23

Thanks Yvonne and Vicki - all aboard the nostalgia bus.
You have a point Yvonne with the last verse - but I still like it there!


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Vicki Ayers

Wed 27th Jan 2016 09:37

Haha you've just described my childhood! Nice one!

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Yvonne Brunton

Wed 27th Jan 2016 00:20

Ah the beauty of nostalgia is we can edit our memories.

I like the pace of this, so resplendant with sharply penned images.

I prefer it without the last verse since the title has already established the era.

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Martin Elder

Tue 26th Jan 2016 17:46

The seventies, as the line in the song goes I remember it well. I am still waiting for 1970 ten to come round !

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Jim Trott

Tue 26th Jan 2016 16:47

Yes, I got the Billy Joel rhythm too, Stu.

Enjoyed the poem, Ray. Great reminder of the 70s. I still miss them!

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Stu Buck

Tue 26th Jan 2016 15:47

am i the only one who started singing 'we didnt start the fire' after the first verse?

like this ray, its hecticity (must be a word surely?) sits against the sedate and stately remembrance.

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Laura Taylor

Tue 26th Jan 2016 15:44

I like the rhythm in this and plenty of the images, but (and you know there's almost always a but with me) - Robinson Crusoes? Don't get that. Did I miss a glaring 70's reference?

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Graham Sherwood

Tue 26th Jan 2016 15:44

Robinson Crusoes and Ouzos, you get respect for those two!.
This brings back reminders of the tragic Fairport Convention road accident to me.

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Wolfgar Miere

Tue 26th Jan 2016 15:12

I can smell the fags and booze and the sweat in your transit.

I imagine your gigs and landlords looking for every excuse to short change you, long journeys home.

Nice one Ray, the good and the bad. It was grim back then.


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