Nice Try ....!

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Just because you're nice to me
Don't think that I don't know
I can read your thoughts so easily 
Your intention is on 'show'
I've seen your eyes roam over me
Your stare it's like a prison
You've fucked me in your fantasy
So sure of a submission
Do you imagine I'll come willingly?
Your promise in your smile
You've planned it all so brilliantly
Engineered it with such style
But there's a flaw in your logic
And you forget my sweet
That I'm actually a person
Not just a piece of meat!
You assume your words will thrill me
Your banter's so contrived
You conclude that I can't fathom
That you think - therefore you've lied!
Besides you've got a tiny cock
It's written on the wall
By the last girl that you bedded
And then 'forgot' to call!! 
I'm actually intelligent
A brain lies in my head
A fact you might acknowledge
Before I jump into your bed
And so, I'll not apologise
For my parting lines to you 
"Go fuck yourself baby -
Coz this girl ain't going to!"




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Vicki Ayers

Fri 15th Jan 2016 15:58

Thank you Ray - I'm all about the rhythm!! And Tommmy ..... Why am I not surprised?!! X

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Tommy Carroll

Fri 15th Jan 2016 11:09

When I was in hospital I heard two nurses discuss my case, one nurse remarked that she had seen my ***** and it had Ludo tattooed on it, the young pretty nurse blushed and informed her that was not Ludo, but Llandudno.


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Vicki Ayers

Thu 14th Jan 2016 16:13

And as always Julie - thank you xx

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Vicki Ayers

Thu 14th Jan 2016 16:10

Thank you Martin! - I am a believer that eyes are the windows to the soul! You can tell a lot by someone's eyes!! - as to who said it first .... well that's a battle I've entered into before! Widely credited to the Bard - but also Di Vinci I believe!! There are many ways of saying it & lots of people have done! Thanks again x

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Martin Elder

Thu 14th Jan 2016 09:06

What an excellent poem Vicki. I have been made aware some years ago that there a good deal of men who undress women with their eyes. Who was it that said the eyes are the window's to the soul.

J Graham

Thu 14th Jan 2016 02:47

Very witty :)
Love the last 7 lines especially the last two.

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Vicki Ayers

Wed 13th Jan 2016 19:01

Haha! Well .... It a little known pub called The Golden Cock - Doncaster I believe!!

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John Coopey

Wed 13th Jan 2016 18:10

I recognise myself in this, Vicki. But which wall is it? I should paint over it.

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