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Fracking Hell!

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North Yorkshire was a green and pleasant county 
with rolling hills and cricket on the green, 
and tourists by the score 
would come to see the moors, 
historic sites and charming rural scenes. 
And when they'd had their fill of nature's bounty 
they'd spend their cash at tearooms and hotels. 
But then some gas was found 
two miles beneath the ground; 
now Yorkshire has become a 

Fracking Hell. Fracking Hell! 
They've staked out 19 drilling sites. 
Fracking Hell! Fracking Hell! 
A thousand well-heads roar. 
Fracking Hell! Fracking Hell! 
There's noise and glaring lights 
and they're drilling day and night 
and the visitors don't come here anymore. 

I go out for a ramble by the river 
and wonder why the fish are floating, flaccid. 
I ask a local angler 
and he replies with anger 
that a fracking well has leaked sulphuric acid. 
I need a drink but what the tap delivers 
seems to me to have a funny smell.
This realisation will 
explain why I've felt ill
ever since I've been in

Fracking Hell! Fracking Hell! 
We live in fear of spillages 
in Fracking Hell! Fracking Hell! 
where convoys of transporters 
through Fracking Hell! Fracking Hell! 
rattle sleepy villages, 
imperil fertile tillages, 
hauling tanks of radioactive water. 

We could've switched to solar, wind and tidal 
-it would've brought investors great returns. 
Instead we chose to bore 
much deeper than before, 
releasing gas we knew we shouldn't burn 
-an effort that has since proved suicidal. 
The air got choked by carbon we expelled. 
Seas engulfed the land, 
fields were scorched to sand 
and we made our lovely world a 

Fracking Hell! Fracking Hell! 
The temperature's still rising. 
Fracking hell! Fracking Hell! 
There's floods and superstorms. 
Fracking hell! Fracking Hell! 
Now we're realising 
how we've been destabilising 
the climate and the fracking planet's warmed. 

Fracking Hell! Fracking Hell! 
Fracking shale for methane
Fracking Hell! Fracking Hell! 
was nonsense from the start.
Fracking Hell! Fracking Hell! 
It's fracking well insane 
but we did it all the same 
and we fracked North Yorkshire's countryside apart!

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Tim Ellis

Sun 6th Dec 2015 17:24

There's a video of me performing this poem here

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Tim Ellis

Thu 19th Nov 2015 13:07

Another one from my new pamphlet. This poem refers to the application being considered by North Yorkshire County Council from Third Energy to frack for gas at Kirby Misperson in Ryedale. You can get the pamphlet from my website
and it's also on Amazon and Kindle

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