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Speak The Unspeakable

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Speak The Unspeakable


Hi, I'm called Tim. 

I’m writing this today

to make you all uncomfortable,

to rock your peace of mind.


I'm here to shock you,

here to mock your carbon hungry ways.

Expect no civil platitudes,

no reassuring lies.

I'm here to whack your attitudes,

dynamite your lassitude.

At times I'll be a little rude

- it's all for your own good!


Today's not gonna be an easy ride.

I'll slam you, I'll harangue you, 

I'll do everything to anger you

I'll cordon off your comfort zone

with snarls of razor wire.


Because I know and most people know it too

the world is set to boil

from coal and gas and oil

but somehow it's taboo

to talk about the pain to come -

the rising seas,  the sliding mud,

the farmers fled to city slums

forced from fields by drought or flood.


Some of you might say it isn't so,

cemented in contentment not to know,

your mindset unshakeable

your thirst for oil unslakeable

but I see unmistakeable

signs of The Unspeakable:


the arctic melting like that Milky Bar

your kids left on the back seat of your car

in hot midsummer sun.

The runoff's gonna run.

It's gonna burn your summers,

gonna drown your winters,

sluice away your money

while your happy home disintegrates.

But everyone stays silent

like it's something strictly private.

Nobody wants to talk about the climate!


So I'll shout it if it's shoutable,

I’ll prove it if it's doubtable,

I’ll shriek it if it's shriekable,

I’ll leak whatever's leakable.

That's why, my friends, I'm writing this today

with many inconvenient things to say.


Not gonna squeak,


I'm gonna speak speak speak...


The Unspeakable.



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Patricio LG

Tue 17th Nov 2015 03:55

A masterpiece for the world to wake from apathy... Or not!

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Tim Ellis

Mon 16th Nov 2015 22:09

...or see me in person at Poems, Prose & Pints in Harrogate this Wednesday, and you can have it for only £2.50

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Tim Ellis

Mon 16th Nov 2015 22:04

I've just published a new pamphlet, and this is the title poem. It's a not-for-profit pamphlet to mark the United Nations' summit on climate change in Paris next month. I've already published a couple of the poems on Write Out Loud in previous blogs, and since I want to spread the message as widely as possible I shall try to publish all the rest here over the next few weeks. But if you can't wait, you can buy the pamphlet very affordably from my website
or on Amazon or Kindle

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