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The Cucumber Plot

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I have a large knife in my hand
and I’m not afraid
to skin this mother
to sliver away at the
stiff upper lip of a
toughened epidermis
banish wrinkles, dents and prickly bits
and behold it
cleansed, stripped, unveiled
If you ask me again
I will plainly chop
the thing in two
while I wonder what I could be

This repast, the fourth of the day
mentally diarised between
broken blinds and fresh air
changing light bulbs and toilet bleach
interrupted by
pencil shavings
polka dancing
a stubbed toe for you and an ice pack for me…
will be ready when it’s ready
If you ask me again
I might lose my thread
while I wonder what I am

Where was I? 
The uses of a cucumber
Well, it’s staggering
With a whole one
brought to room temperature
there’s no guilty sniff of an affair
grate it for tzatziki
slice it into Pimms
twist a piece to garnish
baton lengths to dip
pickle in a jar or two
refresh tired eyes
pack on shine
pack on an allergic reaction
like mine

This repast, the fourth of the day
mentally diarised between
identity cravings and learning to share
bathroom scum lines and out of reach
interrupted by
dead batteries
a melody for you, a harmony for me…
will be ready, when its ready
I have a large knife in my hand
And I’m not afraid
to dice this mother
expose jellied innards
vital organs
seeds of life
while I wonder what I was

And when you’re ready
I’ll see waves of laundry
finally dry up
breakfast and supper
mute on Sunday
the last marmite stain
wiped from the wall
that secret bogie stash cemented
to your bedroom shelf
I'll post off to your house
cucumber cool
with a note that says, touché


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Harry O'Neill

Wed 4th Nov 2015 15:27

This one is all (all) in the mind.

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Anna Ghislena

Fri 23rd Oct 2015 07:51

Thank you, Martin, for your comment, very much appreciated. I am glad you enjoyed reading it.

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Martin Elder

Thu 22nd Oct 2015 22:51

I love the surgical approach to this poem with the almost sinister overtones.

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