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I always thought that if i ever fell for you, things would just fall into place. but when ever i wanted to tell you, id get the jitters and my heart would race.

Will you feel the same way as i do, was all that was running through my mind. even if you did before, i was oblivious, i couldnt read between the lines.

Still, i felt that i had to tell you somehow but it never seemed possible. id jumble up my words, choke on my thoughts, everything was illogical.

Be with me, is the main thing that i wanted to say. and when i had gotten the chance to express myself, things didnt exactly go my way.

Here i thought that the feeling was mutual but boy could i ever be wrong. i guess it was a given since i had waited so long.

Even though we arent on the same page im glad that we're still friends. cause you make me feel things i havent felt in a while, and i wouldnt want that to end.

If i had the chane to do it over and take back what i said i wouldnt, cause thats how i really felt. just thinking of you gives me butterflies and when i see your smile, i kinda just melt.

You're someone very special to me, is something that i shouldve said from the start. you inspire me to be better, you make me feel like a better person you, you're art.

Not that thats a bad thing because art isnt just something to look at its supposed to make you feel. i guess what im saying is that im cool with where we're at, right now we got something real.

Mine is what id like to call you but right now lets see how this goes. for now ill just be your friend, im told im pretty good at being one of those.

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