THE FAMILY - an Acrostic poem

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There’s one word that everyone should know and treasure

Hold in reverence for life long companionship and pleasure

Even on the darkest days when pain and distress abound

Family is the one word that can bring a comforting sound

All can benefit if they simply recall their sister & brother

Maybe they are distant people they have yet to discover

In this world there is but one race and we are all human

Light and dark skinned, blond, brunette and red hair can

Yell in harmony as we are all one big family, known as man…



March 1st 2015


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Dave D Poet Rhumour

Wed 4th Mar 2015 03:14

Thanks for commenting Harry. :) Best wishes, Dave

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Harry O'Neill

Mon 2nd Mar 2015 22:51

Very true Dave

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