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The Hourglass

We exist on the clock
a meander in the changing river
I clutch at air but it’s gone
the sand of the banks
slips through my hands
my hands
flow all over you

There is a magic I think we should birth
there is a magic I think you’d regret not knowing
and yet we look the other way
as those sands flow…
as those sands flow through…

We tussle on the floodplain
blowing leaves caught by the wind
I grasp at the soil but it’s loose
these roots long to hold on
my hands
hold tightly to you

There is a magic we both should birth
there is a purpose I think we long to contract
and yet we sit back
and let those sands flow… 
we let those sands flow through…

We think ourselves tall
as a pylon
but imagine
when we are tall and wise
as an oak
and we look back
and we look out 
across all the ground we covered
and realise
we didn’t embrace the magic
of the natural world expanding

when we stood still
and let those sands flow…
let those sands flow through us…

Let's do this
let's do this
while there's still time
while there's still some sand

(October, 2014)


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Thu 5th Feb 2015 09:19

Hi Tom,
I really enjoyed this, love how the repetition and the images mirror the hourglass, thanks for sharing it :)

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