A Poem A Day For A Year - 19/01/15

It always makes me laugh when a person’s bio on their social media account says ‘All thoughts on this account are my own and are in no way demonstrative of those of <name of corporation they work for>. What they are essentially saying is ‘these are the things I really think, when I am being myself in real life but when I am in the office, I think what they pay me to think.’ Since when did we become mouth-pieces for hire? Surely this is just as big a breach of freedom of speech than censorship and governments clamping down on blogs or people who dare to speak the truth. It is actually worse than being silenced by ‘the man’ because it is almost self-imposed. These people are then the kind who will speak out when freedom of speech is broken so not only are the cowardly but they are hypocritical.

Just a thought. It’s not really going anywhere.

Exciting new today was that we launched Issue Seven of Bunbury Magazine. You can find it right here and later in the week I will direct you to our ShortStops blog with more information on the issue and lots to keep you entertained for the next couple of months.

Bunbury Issue Seven: The Unexplained Special 

This is just a short one today. Been hammering the keys hard plugging the new issue. Can feel a slight touch of carpel tunnel coming on. For now, here is a poem. The prompt today comes from my own brain.

This is a press release on behalf of the

Foundation For Aardvarks Release Trust.

We here at F.A.R.T believe it

is high time all the aardvarks

currently being held in captivity

should be released back into the wild.

In this day and age, it is outrageous

that a creature such as the noble aardvark

should be subject to the ritual humiliation

of being paraded in zoos. Through our

hard work and the relentless campaigning

of our volunteers and fund-raisers,

it is our aim to have every aardvark

currently being held released by

twenty-seventeen. Help our cause.

Give generously.’

Are the mics off? OK, we all know the real reasons

we want aardvarks taken out of zoos, yes?

To be clear, their noses are phallic.

We cannot have children staring

at these


all around the world.

Pornographic little creatures.

What’s that? No,

the vagina-nosed mangabeys can stay.

They are too funny.

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