Just the three of us.


Frightfully aware, my bejewelled, dripping self,

Poses with tact, care and accuracy.
Swaying my legs on the counter
within the tide of your kitchen, 
seductive and subdued,
damasked in moonlit icey hues 
and slices of your blinds half shut.
You stand between my thighs unfazed,
palms on my skin
lacing our air with cigarette stained breath;
Breath that beats down on me with cocky laughter
and quick fire hungry kisses.
Breath that I will taste for days,
Breath that I remember.
I swing my legs between yours, 
watching like a shaken lamb
as you pull apart my theories
with studied arrogance,
I have nothing charming to say!
to make you cancel the trip home and stay.
I present only my bejewelled dripping body,
That poses with tact, thought, and accuracy-
Like the folded, still letters on your shelf, 
with their faces toward us.
The ones you thought my eyes had missed 
from the beauty in California
The one I’m trying to be.
The one, whom marks her letters to you:
“So come home soon - and kiss me”

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Preeti Sinha

Thu 18th Sep 2014 04:57

This is as gorgeous as you!
Love it.

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Andy N

Tue 9th Sep 2014 12:43

probably my favourite of yours so far, Charlotte - great throughout but the first four lines really pulled me in. well done x

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Cynthia Buell Thomas

Tue 9th Sep 2014 11:36

This is really good - the diction, the imagery, the atmosphere built on details. But most of all the theme -the 'posing' - literally and figuratively, with ruthless intent, which is neatly re-phrased in conclusion. Juxtaposed against fragility!

Check 'the one who marks her letters...' to avoid a grammar misstep at the very end.

I must do some catching up on your works.

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Dominic James

Tue 9th Sep 2014 10:04

I like this, being both articulate and nearly mute at once raises the intimacy of the poem. Very touching. Best wishes, Dom.

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Tommy Carroll

Mon 8th Sep 2014 21:03

''things'' or ''thighs''? Tommy

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