Everyone's a writer these days...

Everyone's a writer 
These days
Poet, playwright, scripted scrawler
5am, cigarette, red wine bawler
Everyone's a writer
These days
It's the craze or just a phase
I don't know
But it seems knee deep in the linen of our lives
And the answer to any creative 
without a clue
who doesn't know what to do 
Or who rides the wave
in a depndent haze
of the ones who script our days
when they have money to pay

The answer to everything.
I'm not auditioning
Why don't you write?
I think I may have a comic streak
Why don't you write
a sketch or two?
I haven't a clue
what to do with my life
Why don't you write?
Someone else is sleeping with my wife
Why don't you write?
I want to make something but I'm not sure what
Why don't you write?
I feel so damn inspired
Why don't you write?
I want to take hold, take control, be centrefold and have a voice
Why don't you write?
I can't sleep at night
Why don't you write?
I think I'm good at rhyming but I aint no rapper and when I speak in public my accent gets crapper
Why don't you write?

And I don't wish to sound trite
But just because you read a play once or have been to the Royal Court 
Or you live in east London
Or know that Charlotte had a sister and Sylvia penned of her father
Or you live on an estate 
and your Dad doesn't love your mother
You got bullied at your school
or played the fool
You wear Nike Airs
of any irony
Or you simply want to pave your own way
It doesn't mean
you should write a play
But who am I to say.
It may sound bitter, hypocritical and somewhat trite
But yes, perhaps
Everyone should write.


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Cynthia Buell Thomas

Sun 24th Aug 2014 12:28

Absolutely hilarious. IMO, the observers and thinkers always make the best writers; they can scorn all styles and dictates to do their own original thing. Go for it, Edie, and never self-deprecate for effect. You are some kind of talented!

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Candice Reineke

Wed 9th Jul 2014 04:11

Ha, I like this a lot! Yes, YOU should keep writing. And you're right, "everyone's a writer these days", but not everyone can make you want to read (and keep reading) what they write.

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