If you're feeling bored on Wednesday afternoon (30th April) ...

Howdie folks.  I've been invited to spout some poetry and play some favourite tracks on a local Wirral radio station on Wednesday.   I've no idea what the frequency is but this is the web link, in case anyone feels like listening to the show.  The show starts at 2pm - though I might not get there till going on 2.30.


Isobel x

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Thu 1st May 2014 14:11

Sorry Cynthia - I didn't realise it was an internet only radio station - I'm embarrassed to admit, I didn't realise such things existed! Thanks for trying anyway - I do appreciate it!

Hope you are both keeping well.

Isobel xx

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Cynthia Buell Thomas

Thu 1st May 2014 10:37

I tried to find it yesterday, but no luck. I kept swivelling my radio dial for three-quarters of an hour... AM and FM. I'm glad it went well. Hurrah for you.

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Wed 30th Apr 2014 17:57

Awww Harry - I mentioned you on the show LOL - in connection with my self praise poem :) Then I promptly forgot that I wasn't supposed to swear and nearly came out with the word 'cock' - I had to just bleep myself out instead - it was very difficult!

And Mr. B, if you are reading this, thanks for tuning in - you made my day! xx

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Harry O'Neill

Tue 29th Apr 2014 23:15

Everything in scouseland is of a higher quality (people flock to us)

Best of luck with the radio!

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Tue 29th Apr 2014 12:30

Thanks John! I would do Chlamydia but for the fact that it has the F word in it and I'm not sure I'd get away with that on daytime radio.

From my experience, most scousers have a sense of humour and can take some ribbing - in fact, they give as good as they get!

So I'll take the mick out of the Hispanics instead - dare I write a poem about the Welsh I wonder?.....

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John Coopey

Mon 28th Apr 2014 22:58

Good for you, Izzy. And good luck. Do "Clamydia". Dares ya.

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