Snakeskin Sid!

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Snakeskin Sid!

I once knew a man
called Snakeskin Sid
I knew that he didn’t
but he said that he did
Well who the hell do you know
who played for Real Madrid?

Oh you know the type
in his Ford Capri car
A Gin and Tonic
at the end of the bar
Hitting on the girls
but never getting far
Trying to make out
he’s a football star!

He had trials for United
but failed the test
He started to dribble
but always made a mess
And after a couple of halves
he needed a rest
He was never going to be
the next George Best!

Out on the town
smelling of zest
He had always tried
to look his best
But with a quarter pound medallion
and Gary Glitter chest
As a fashion guru
He really wasn’t blessed!

In his snakeskin suit
and shit flicker shoes
Sipping a Campari
never on the booze
Those corny chat up lines
he’d always try to use
But some ice and a slice
and it’s off for a snooze!

Soaked in High Karate
with a lounge lizard stare
Strutting his stuff
in his polyester flares
Asked the girls to dance
but they never really cared
If he went on a date
none of them are there
Yes, just like his steak
any romance was rare!

The last time I saw him
he’d hung up his boots
Same script as the girls
never scored and couldn’t shoot
He’d just been to Oxfam
for a new velvet suit
Got a new perm
and dyed his roots
I said well look on the bright side
you’ve still got your looks!

And so ends the tale
of Snakeskin Sid
I knew that he didn’t
but he said that he did
I said come on mate
Who are you trying to kid?
I’ve never knew anyone
who played for Real Madrid!

Jeff Dawson April 2014

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Ged the Poet

Wed 2nd Jul 2014 14:19

Jeff - Thank you very much for the 'heads up' on this.
"Got a new perm
and dyed his roots
I said well look on the bright side
you’ve still got your looks"!... just brilliant!

Thanks for your very kind words and encouragement on the other matters. It is much appreciated and I promise I will be in touch. A bit of a trek but my Vespa likes that as much as I do ;) Cheers.

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Jeff Dawson

Thu 17th Apr 2014 07:21

Thanks Martin, great to see you and enjoyed your poems, hope you can make it to Bolton WOL sometime ;-)

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Martin Elder

Wed 16th Apr 2014 23:34

This is a great poem and it was a pleasure to hear you perform it live last night at sale.

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Val Cook

Sat 5th Apr 2014 09:38

Jeff this is brilliant.

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Jeff Dawson

Sat 5th Apr 2014 08:23

Thanks Marksy, as a Bolton Wanderers fan, Frank was one of my heroes and a bit of a character on and off the park, the difference was he could play football! Thanks, glad you like it!

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Simon Marks

Fri 4th Apr 2014 19:21

Love it! Why do I keep thinking of Frank Worthington?

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