the red regret of Thomas

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the red regret of Thomas

my fingers drip crimson apologies
but now it’s far too late

I wanted to feel the red in you
to let the steaming  coils
wrap themselves around my disbelief

so when you offered your wounds
I was cautious at first
but needed to satisfy fears

apprehension turned
to blood lust
even as the sticky mess of truth
congealed upon my skin

tears dribbled down my cheeks
as I realised
there would be no going back
now that you knew
I had doubts

blooddoubtdoubting thomasfailed relationshipmistrustregretwound

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Martin Elder

Thu 10th Apr 2014 11:04

I think this says it all Ian. Thank You

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John Coopey

Tue 25th Mar 2014 19:01

Powerful ju-ju, Ian. It's hard to fathom why God would give us Curiosity, Inquisitiveness, Doubt etc and not use them. Why give birds wings and fishes tails?

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Tommy Carroll

Tue 25th Mar 2014 15:34

Invasive words Ian- something hangs with those words. Tommy

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