Take this bill

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Take this bill
And toss it
Into a river
Until it spins
To the bottom
Like a washing machine.

Put it on
A one way journey
To Australia
To watch Englan
Likely lose the
Ashes once again,

Or curl it up into
A little ball
And kick it
Underneath the table
So it rolls into
The gutter (hopefully).

Bite it in half
(or swallow it if you can)
And say some random dog
Came in off the street
And tried running off
With half of it,

Or cut it up
So it looks like
A paper house
Before putting it
Back together again
Cutting the price in half

Intead of letting
The shock of it
Pin you against the wall
In shock.

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Gray Nicholls

Wed 5th Mar 2014 12:35

thanks for the comment, laura. glad you like it. let's just say some of my friends have expensive drinks tastes but not thankfully when it is my round - lol.

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Laura Taylor

Wed 26th Feb 2014 13:54

Of course, I now need to know who ran that bill up!

Love this poem but do need to know where that bill is from!

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