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Updated: Thu, 13 Feb 2014 05:11 pm

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I have quite recently begun writing poetry mainly for healing purposes, in my struggle with cronic fatigue and other consequenses of childhood trauma. I have never been very interested in reading poetry either but now I find it worthwhile to explore that as well. I use photography and painting a lot for the same reason and I often start a text or a poem from or in relationship to a picture or symbol that is wanting to be processed further, so many of my poems here will probably have a photo connected to it. English is my second language (I´m from Sweden) and it´s a bit of a challenge for me to express myself this way, however I find it meaningful for several reasons. Whoever gets an urge to correct my linguistical mistakes is welcome to do that, or you can just leave me happily unknowing of their existence. ;)


I Begin This is my only, pounding heart and I will make myself visible as who I have become. I have decided to dig deeper this time; to finally uncover the haunting corpse of my past. There´s a softness filling the air and my breath is merging with the wind. Something is returning and has almost found it´s way back, to me. And I ask myself: "Do I really belong here?" *********************************************** Being Worthy My throat is like a dark, silent tower connected to the underworld and with a narrow passage towards the open sky Words are struggling to get through, stumbling on their way to reach freedom and to breathe fresh air again They long to release themselves from their lingering captivity and I cough, push through the heaviness A nudge is coming from somewhere and helping the message to manifest; It´s not fair! and I was always worthy of speaking my truth as I see it

All poems are copyright of the originating author. Permission must be obtained before using or performing others' poems.

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Tommy Carroll

Sat 8th Mar 2014 13:01

K- ''Philosophy made difficult'' Tommy

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Laura Taylor

Mon 24th Feb 2014 10:05

Hi Karin

Many thanks for your comment on Before and After :)

Welcome to WOL - hope you enjoy yourself round here :)

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Sun 23rd Feb 2014 11:58

Thanks Steve! I do my best -using the dictionary diligently- but I do feel quite limited in my writing so far. A good practice in releasing some control behaviour, though. ;)

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Steve Higgins

Sun 23rd Feb 2014 08:34

Thanks for looking in on 'I am the seed' Karin, reading your work I find it hard to believe English is your second language! I particularly like 'I begin'.
Best wishes, Steve

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kath hewitt

Sat 22nd Feb 2014 17:36

Thanks Karin.. glad you liked

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Sat 8th Feb 2014 15:03

Thanks a lot! This seems like an interesting place and with a wide variety of people and kinds of writing.

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