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Bardic warriors in the worn tartan

of Christie Cleek declaim

their savage lines:

It's never too late to be early

and catch the wind


Taxed to death


the mirror whispers a thousand words

we seldom notice


Stuffy, smoky stifling atmosphere

of shouting people:

What do they put in our beer?

Stop killing our world -

and don't be late!


Sands shift and reveal secrets:

the strange, the weird, the unwashed and the odd,

none worthy of those with a wad

subsiding into worlds

that never lived.


Collage PoemStockport WOL

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Nigel Astell

Tue 11th Feb 2014 11:42

Bardic warriors savage lines
mirror whispers thousand words
stifling atmosphere shouting people
please don't be late
for our secret strange
weird odd wad world
Stockport W O L collage sent.

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