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Too late now to strike sparks with words on poetry’s anvil

Too lengthy a journey of diversion and distraction

Now weariness forces me to pause

Beside this twisted trail

My wrinkled hand trembling as I write;

Inspirations of a lifetime compete for attention

Triumph and disappointment fight to be immortalised

But the sands fall steadily

In a glass that will not be upturned.


In childhood surrounded by nature’s splendour I slumbered

Moved not by green fields nor the rolling, foaming, blue waves,

Such beauty I ignored with disdain

In clouds of contentment

Not knowing how speedily time moves;

Too late now to return and record such magnificence

The smell of springtime and the salty taste of sea breezes

Are fading by the hour

Slipping away with tired senses.


Now grown older still, each accomplishment feels but worthless

Achievements and advancements are only rungs on ladders

Climbing from sunlight into darkness

Leaving no sign behind

No monument or mark of beauty;

The empty pages of notebooks stare up accusingly

Pens like dried brushes, white paper like neglected canvas

Each missed opportunity

Stretching out an accusing finger.

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David Subacchi

Tue 4th Feb 2014 18:21

Thank you for these kind observations Chris and also for your regular and much appreciated encouragement.

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Chris Co

Tue 4th Feb 2014 00:36

The images that have gone un-captured, well thought David. There is a definite loss that resembles melancholy and it hits a truism. The language is enjoyable also;

Achievement and advancement are only rungs on ladders

Climbing from sunlight into darkness

The above two lines above are fantastic, Larkin would be proud to acknowledge those.

Of course there is lots of poetry in you yet, as this one most ably demonstrates. In one sense the shackles are off! You're not doing the whole career poet thing, which gives you a level of freedom.

The bottom line is the poems excellent.

Best of


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David Subacchi

Mon 3rd Feb 2014 22:10

Thanks Harry. Truth is I am a latecomer to poetry but I am trying to make up for lost time! Appreciate the encouragement!

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Harry O'Neill

Mon 3rd Feb 2014 21:55

Gettawaywitcha!...there`s tuns of poetry in you yet!

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David Subacchi

Sun 2nd Feb 2014 23:33

You can find more of my poetry on line including some videos by searching on DAVID SUBACCHI POET.

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