Hung Out To Dry

Hung Out To Dry

If God the father sent Christ to die
For the sins of you and I,
Wear a crown of thorns, bleed and cry
Oh dad you've hung me out to dry,
Forsaken me, nailed me high (heave and sigh) -
Then I don't understand the truth,
Of this cosmic act of child abuse.

Where one cannot do otherwise, blame
Cannot be assigned. Judas & the Jews
Constrained, fitted up, put in the frame,
A suicide null and void. A ghastly charade,
Of holy smoke and mirrors.
What conclusions should we draw from this?
What moral has been overlooked?
What meaning was missed?

That conscience makes penitents of us
In the end? Your old man doesn't
Always attend to your best interests? 
Your friends will sell you to the enemy? 
That the game plan depends upon a whim?
That a god who made all laws is bound by them?

Pause for thought. When it comes
To religion I'm wise enough to know
That once the cat's out of the bag
It's best to let it go.
If God is good, and omnipotent
Yet evil exists,
Then either he's not good, nor all powerful
Or he has a hand in it.

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Harry O'Neill

Thu 2nd Jan 2014 15:43

Those last four lines a common comment on the mystery of evil. I wonder what Job would have thought seeing not only one but both hands (plus feet) nailed to it?

Me? I too think `it`s best to let it go` take a good, hard look (It`s a showing – not a telling) and think about the resurrection.

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Dave Bradley

Mon 30th Dec 2013 17:37

Great questions, nicely put - among the most important questions there are. If 'God is' then clearly something is going on which is beyond human understanding. We do (as a race) appear to expect that we ought to be able to understand everything. Could be aiming too high.

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M.C. Newberry

Mon 30th Dec 2013 16:25

Pertinent and challenging.
What sort of "merciful" Father does that to his
Son? And to what purpose? It only adds mystery
to the witty observation by Ogden Nash -
How odd of God
To choose the Jews.
Why didn't He do the job on the Romans - or was
that a tacit admission that Might is Right - on
Earth or in Heaven? OK - I know the Romans had
their day eventually but that was more a matter
of human action or inaction as time went by.
After all, we all love a change! And we all
love a good story too.

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