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Chaotic Night Life

Life in the city starts at ten

With tanked up teenagers acting like men

Ladettes in skimpy skirts are all dolled up

Falling around in the road, having had too much to sup


The clubs are bustling, dance music rings out

The bouncers evict a fella acting like a lout

In the bars the booze flows like an industrial machine

And shouting and raucous laughter becomes part of the scene


Taxis pull up and the revellers alight

Into clubs they pour to dance throughout the night

A stoned courting couple spark up a spliff

One smokes too much, arguing after a rift


The clubs and pubs are heaving and the alcohol is supped

Then the bell is chimed and the establishment shuts up

Out pour the drinkers with drunken chatter

Some pass out in gutters too pissed to matter


Then arguments start and situations arise

Punch ups flare up resulting in blackened eyes

Everyone turns on one another over trivial matters

Police try to diffuse it all using threatening chatter


The worst for wear are brought by ambulance to hospital beds

Left to sober up, leaving holding sore heads

While the agressive and disorderly are slung in police vans

Locked up till morning to carry the can


The cleaners next morning clear up from the night

Collecting smashed glass,vomit and blood from a fight

Soon there are no traces of the night of bliss

Till the next weekend for the night on the Piss 

Drinkingdrunken disorderviolencecrime

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