Voting for the 52 hertz comp

:(   - that's a sad frog face....


I've only had one vote so far - and half a week's gone.  If you want to know what it's all about Alfie, then check out my last blog and tell me the winner.





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Thu 4th Jul 2013 16:06

Could people please email me with their votes at - I've just heard of one vote that's gone missing in the internal mail - but if your name is Steve or Starfish, don't worry, I've got yours. xx

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Thu 4th Jul 2013 14:48

Thank you Stefan and Patricia :) smiley frog face...

Ally - take a look at my last blog (Time to Vote) - it explains in detail what you need to do.

Thanks Francine - I've got your vote :) x

Patricia and Stefan Wilde

Thu 4th Jul 2013 08:49

we are more than happy to out-vote ourselves,if that is allowed(even though we probs would have won-yeh rite!)

and vote for(as afore jokingly mentioned)
a defo photo finish,twixt Harry and Rachel.

and who said you had a sad frogs face Iz?
just let us know-we'll swing for them!
(as old Muvver Reilly used to say.)

yeah,defo Harry'n'Rachel.xx

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Wed 3rd Jul 2013 21:41

I've been reading through ALL of them and trying to decide...
So many good ones! You'll hear from me soon :-D

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