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Stop the cuts

Stop the cuts, and stop the closures,
Private companies, trying to own us,
Globalist profits, tax payer exposure,
Figures kept under wraps, like a banker’s bonus.
Stop the cuts, ‘cos they’re completely unfair,
There’s no need, for cuts to welfare.
Why not abolish Trident next year,
And concentrate on the families living in fear?
Struggling to pay the rent this month,
Feed yourself or your kids, that’s the choice this month,
Pay the bedroom tax, or put clothes on your back this month,
Why don’t Starbucks start paying tax this month?!
Then we can stop cuts, to the public sector,
Down every concrete street, the winds of change affect you.
So stop the cuts, and stop privatisin’, bringing private eyes in,
With their private lies in, profiteering in the face of our demising.

Stop the cuts, to the NHS,
This desiccation's, become a bloody mess,
Sold to the lowest bid, the whole system will regress,
Run for profit, can’t you see it’s cause and effect,
The balance sheet dictates, what treatment you should get.
If this disconnect, is left unchecked,
There’ll be disaffect, private healthcare for the select,
And willful neglect, for the wrecked.
Cameron can’t question cuts, like a speech defect,
Avoids the subject, deflects shots for those he protects,
Those you can’t unelect, who treat us as suspect,
It’s time for mass defect, we’ve got to interject,
This can’t be corrected, by those we elected,
When you inspect, the lists of their private interests,
That interconnect, with the companies buying the NHS.
It’s time to protect, in the face of the privatisation project.

From the education system, to the bedroom tax,
There’s a storm on your doorstep, it’s time to react,
Before you’re drowning, in the waters of the collapse.
Fodder for the fat cats, like rats clinging to the sinking mast,
Of an imperialist battle axe, that crashed,
Under privatisation, and the burdens of it’s past.
We need change that will last, we need to move fast,
From this system, puppeteered by a cooperate class.
A system built to profit from misery,
Private prisons built for private profits,
Then they pay no taxes, ‘cos they’re friends with the men in office,
And at the end of the day, they all share in the profits.
That’s the logic, of this system built on greed,
Afghan poppy seed, and 100% mortgage deeds.
So stop the cuts, the people of this country don’t owe this debt,
And the private profits, are earned on the backs of their sweat.
We need to take back our country, from criminal interests,
And let the corrupt banks go bust, ‘cos they started this mess.


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