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Chapter's End

The pen rests against the page,
another chapter to begin,
but no words lie before me.

My dreams are no longer whispers
on pages written long ago
but finally, finally realized,
so why do I stare at nothing,
trying to spill black ink
to drown in the white?
Is it fear
that this year
will be like the last
and the one before that
and the one before that?
Will anything change,
opening those doors
that I have longed to step through?
The pen rests against the page,
promise of another moment in time,
and where will I find myself
when I reach
another chapter's end?

Chapter's End
by, Melissa R.

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Jeff Dawson

Thu 26th Feb 2009 20:23

Hi Melissa, do I sense you turning a corner? Hope so, nicely thoughtfully written Jeff X

ps thanks for comments

<Deleted User> (5646)

Thu 29th Jan 2009 22:52

We reach the end of a chapter every day but we can write each one before it begins.

Love Janet.x

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Chris Dawson

Thu 29th Jan 2009 22:44

That's the beauty of a blank page, you can write whatever you want!

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