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Haunting Dreams

I wish to fall deep

into love,

keep warm in its embrace,

and silence the loneliness

biting in,

but I fear of repeating history.

What could I say

to the men

that I recently encountered?

What could I say?

I had no words,

and the door would not open.

It would open so easily

for the wrong ones,

but when the right one came around,

it would not budge.

And the door still would not open,

and here I am standing,

yearning for love.

But maybe I should stay

within solitude,

but how could I

when even my dreams

bring me the taste

of love?

I wish to drown within love

and fly free from my cage,

and my heart would no longer

cry its song of sadness.

And I lean against the door,


of slowly kissing


like Eric Close.

Haunting Dreams

by, Melissa R. Mendelson

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Chris Dawson

Wed 14th Jan 2009 09:16

Very lonely, haunting piece of work, Melissa.

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clarissa mckone

Wed 14th Jan 2009 03:55

Dear Melissa, I hope you had a nice holiday. I really enjoyed this poem, and you will find the right guy.I dont know who Eric Close is, but if hes worth anything, and hes the one, he will stick around. PSSS You are free from the cage!

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