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Your mood swoops up and down. A zigzagged bat to my twilight 

you forage on blood and nectar, then fly home again to roost.

Slowly stealing our sleep and holding our dreams apart, a deity

of doubt covets the forthcoming clamour of kitchen sink drama. 

My credence that I love you with a passion she cannot match,

with a depth she cannot reach, with a strength she cannot break,

with a parable she cannot teach, still culminates a feared swansong.


Tacitly trapped together in a mirror of lies, we both deeply despise.

Except I know the cause of the shards that pain her but bear no scars. 

Wanting to hibernate, instead you fail into torpor state awaiting the inevitable.

I silently beg you to hold your nerve, while your flight chaotically swerves 

a cowardice.  I distress at your wings ever thinning in October’s last sigh.

Hesitating a fight against the colony, I shiver impatient in my cloistered cave.


Jealous of her feathers I turn prey of biding time. Tick, tick a tongue click.

A synchronised beat of our devoted hearts, she tries to gain comfort

from pillows of the past. A love not quite unrequited, only slowly supplicated.

A Doppler shift echoes pulse of my thoughts intensifying. She detects a sense

of  lover’s call as you turn over in bed. In a babble of humility and stupidity,

none of us in this three legged marriage wants to see the light. Every night,

I trigger deeper in her head. Executing a frequency until the trust is dead.


© Katypoetess 2013





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Nigel Astell

Thu 21st Mar 2013 15:34

The Twilight Cave

Trust is broken
by jealous eyes
as the bat
wings flap to
fly back home
from your cave
into her arms.

<Deleted User> (9882)

Sat 16th Mar 2013 15:42

all great lines!

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