Hole In My Heart

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I had a beautiful vision in full bloom,

It exploded into brilliant life,

When you glided into the room,

Your sea blue eyes were hypnotic,

And your dazzling smile made me swoon,

You washed over me like a tidal wave,

And left an ocean of tears in my soul,

Now I am spinning out of control,

Maybe we were doomed from the start,

Love has gone and shot me down,

I have got a hole in my heart,


The heavens above me are angry,

And the sun has left the sky,

The birds are no longer singing,

While I sit alone and wonder why,

I don’t see a future that is bright,

The stormy horizon is bleak,

My mouth is wide open,

But no words do I speak,

Once together and now torn apart,

Love has gone and shot me down,

I have got a hole in my heart.


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M.C. Newberry

Thu 14th Feb 2013 14:39

Seeing someone across a crowded room?? I like
the up and down aspect of this.
Love comes...love goes
How and why - no one knows.

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