To chase or not to chase ?That is the question.

Serious accidents involving police chases are more common than you think.

The pursued in a panic to get away drive to the brink.

A stampede ignites in the perpertrators brain and panic sets in,

Innocent lives abruptly ended,completely destroyed, a sin !


6/01/13  South London

A positive hit on the police car's automatic number recognition system percipitates panic,

A 13 year old  girl innocently killed when the pursued becomes manic.


26/01/13 Bristol

A young couple on a tandem mowed down by an offender in a moment of madnhess,

"Two peas in a pod ," never apart die in a police pursuit,spread sadness.


26/01/13 Birmingham

Two hours before an expectant newly weds'  life comes to an end,

In another tragic police chase in an attempt to catch and apprehend.


Often a chase continued at break neck speed far outweighs the need to catch,

Innocent families are dealing with the loss of loved ones whose lives the offenders did snatch.

Two thirds of those killed have nothing to do with the crime,

Their lives ended tragically and abruptly before time.



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M.C. Newberry

Thu 31st Jan 2013 19:15

A timely comment on an ongoing law enforcement conundrum. The criminals deserve to have the key thrown away.
They come, take and run,
It's what they do for fun,
Caring only for themselves and their pleasure.
Their deeds are their own,
Rotten seeds that are sown,
And the innocent reap measure for measure.

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