A miracle recovery for baby Sam

A gust of wind swept the buggy off the sea wall.

Sam strapped in his seat into an icy sea did fall.

The tide was going out and the current was strong,

Someone had to act fast , the six month old baby didn't have long.


A saviour called George Reeder jumped without thought,

On hearing the cries of his mother,soo distraught.

"My baby ! My baby has gone in the water!" she cried.

Thanks to George,suprisingly Sam survived.


Ten minutes was an eternity for a young child to be in the sea,

Tanya Allen a neighbour perfomed CPR in an emergency..

Sam  in an air ambulance was flown urgently,

To a hospital in Taunton and a miracle recovery.



◄ Clare Foges -this girl is on fire.

To chase or not to chase ?That is the question. ►


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Harry O'Neill

Tue 29th Jan 2013 22:18

You`re getting to be prompt at this on-the-spot rhymed reportage.

(all this and those last-liners too!)

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