The Giant Slayer

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The Giant Slayer
Eighty centimetres tall that’s all he is, that makes me a giant, a real life giant
Just to compare….. If he was my height I’d be over 12 feet tall
This Giants not a big scary giant though, this is a cuddly giant
A funny giant, a dancing giant, a laughing giant and one that snores in the morning
“WAKE UP DADDY!” that’s what he shouts first thing on the bed
As he pulls my eye lids open looking for his giant hiding beneath them
WHERES MY GIANT!?  He must be thinking, as he opens up the little pink shutters
I‘LL FIND HIM!  He must be thinking, as he digs his nails into my tender lids to get a peak inside
I doubt I’d have the courage to wake up a twelve foot giant like this every morning
But he either knows no fear or he’s braver than me.
But this giant is his favourite, this giant…… Is Daddy giant!
Now its only natural for any giant to recoil in pain at 6:30 am when this happens
When the giants eye lashes are yanked with the full force of a toddlers determination
Especially when small finger nails slide between the giants eyeball and eye lids
I would say any Giant when woken this way, might, just, for, a, split, second, think…..
But as quickly as the pain came to the giants eye balls, something else kicks in
He sees the giant slayer’s smile, he is slain, slain by that little boys love for him
And the giant realises that the little boy woke him up for a reason
Because he loves him, and the giants eyeballs don’t hurt anymore
And the giant then hopes that he can be woken this way for the rest of his life
And that, maybe, he needs to trim the giant slayers finger nails tonight 
Ged Thompson Liverpool Poet and Writer 30/01/12


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Thu 31st Jan 2013 21:24

It's all about perspective! I remember those days well. Mine know to let sleeping dogs lie now - but it WAS nice when they all used to fight to get a space next to me in bed :(

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Rose Casserley

Thu 31st Jan 2013 20:54

Awwww its that kid again! enjoyable poem.x

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