Clare Foges -this girl is on fire.

This girl is on fire,

David's speech on Europe she did inspire.

From ice cream girl to No. 10 speech writer,

The Prime Minister's larynx ,a political fighter.


She understands fully David Cameron's tone,

Six years ago she served her last cone.

"He is straightforward and clear what he wants in his speeches,"

Clare an English graduate into her creative pot reaches.


Clare injects harmony of words into his dialogue,

Squirting intelect and meaning into each political cog.

With all her heart and in full song,

Her aim to entice voters to the polling stations in full throng.


Into No. 10 every morning she does go,

Armed with rheotorical weapons to vanquish any foe.

David Cameron is very lucky to have her there,

The Downing Street Bard who's name is Clare.




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Anthony Emmerson

Mon 28th Jan 2013 17:43

I'm really looking forward to hearing the resignation/concession masterpiece. Bring it on!

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Julian (Admin)

Mon 28th Jan 2013 11:02

It is ironic that I have just read this as I have just finished listening to this very topic superbly discussed on Radio 4's Start the Week, with Joan Bakewell, Tim Montgomerie and Blair's speech writer, Philip something. Chris Mullin admits hating having to read speeches prepared by others containing meaningless phrases. Well worth catching on Listen Again:
You have the makings of an even better poem here. How about equating the speech's effect with the durability of an ice-cream cone? Great, important, choice of subject.

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Yvonne Brunton

Sat 26th Jan 2013 16:43

How come we never saw this job advertised???
I was quite irritated when I read this in the papers - we all know abbout these Speechwriters but isn't it pathetic that someone who purports to have an Oxbridge education does not write his own speeches? I enjoyed your use of inverted phrasing Hugh as, for me, this highlighted the irony of Cameron using a hired pen.

Kenneth Eaton-Dykes

Fri 25th Jan 2013 23:08

Hi Hugh
Nice take on what goes on in Downing St.
Just emphasizes how much those pillocks rely on hired speech writers. Might not have been put as Freda would like. She chooses to criticize choice of words, balance, and content, "not the message" contained therein.

keep 'em coming Ken.

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Freda Davis

Fri 25th Jan 2013 19:27

Hugh, this is an interesting poem on a serious topic. Using poetry to persuade and present another person as more intelligent and articulate than he really is. You have told your tale very neatly too.
I am intrigued by the way you use 'does' and 'did' in these lines.
'Davids speech on Europe she did inspire'
'To No. 10 every morning she does go.'
Is this how you would normally speak, or did you feel that saying 'she does go' instead of 'she goes' gave you a more fitting rhyme and rhythm?
'go' is easier to rhyme than 'goes', perhaps.
The ordinary way of saying the first of these would be 'She inspired David's speech on Europe'. I guess you wanted to find a rhyme for 'fire'.
There are plenty of instances when 'does' and 'did' can be used without it feeling awkward. This use feels a bit forced, as does the phrase 'into her creative pot reaches.'
Maybe you were aiming to sound a bit like William McGonegal. I have used his style myself now and then and it can be quite funny.
What strikes me about it is that with a bit of work on these kind of awkward phrasings, this poem could run much smoother and more confident sounding, so that the political sentiment in it would come over more strongly. I hope you don't feel I am making a song and dance about a few little words. It is these little grammatical hiccups that can trip the best of us up.

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