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At what point

is love in balance?


love is not an

unyielding beam,

but, 'flects as 

weight of want

or force of need


another's wishes.


such scales can

never measure

loss nor the loss

of balance.



words and foto T Carroll

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Chris Co

Fri 1st Feb 2013 13:00

Well thought and captured Tommy.

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Tommy Carroll

Thu 31st Jan 2013 22:31

Chris :o) You are near the mark- my intent is to show that there is no 'stasis' in a relationship but force of events -however caused- keeps the relationship under some sort of pressure. And how that pressure causes a 'loss of balance' within a relationship. ''No man ever steps in the same river twice, for it's not the same river and he's not the same man...'' Heraclitus . Tommy

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Chris Co

Wed 30th Jan 2013 10:17

There is a truth in here and your language avoids the typical. A fresh and philosophically interesting take on how we define something, something that intangibly refuses to be defined.

Balance, resolve, scales, they're too physical in our typical understandings. Even in a metaphysical sense, they're all hard edges and cannot possibly add up to, nor equate to love or an explanation to us - of love.

But I feel you know that, whether that was a deliberate expression of part of an inner understanding.

Irrespective of my interpretation - I very much enjoyed this poem.



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