Caught Between The Devil And A Dragon

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Caught Between The Devil And A Dragon
She pushes the pram with the smiling infant inside
Not with the blessings of youth and good health
As when she first pushed her own children
A lethargic, determined but almost defeated push of the pram
The push of a person who has to push on
Rather than someone who wants or chooses to
Her eyes meet my own for just a second maybe two
But her inner light is dim, I cant read her eyes
She’s asleep, asleep in a living nightmare of worry
I can read her face though, the lines like fault lines
On the surface of her face, her history
Probably sixty five but looks closer to ninety
I can read these lines better than I can read a map
I read pain, the pain of the burdened and overwhelmed
Her attire humble, sensible and inexpensive
Her eyes squinting as her thin lashes try to protect 
From the bitter cold wind blowing towards her
A cold howl that penetrates her emaciated frame to its very core
She pushes on and although, there is little light in her eyes
She pushes a precious cargo, more precious than gold or diamonds
Her family’s future.
She’s a generation out of step for this push
Her own child should be pushing this pram
But her own child’s caught in a game 
A game where you are always chasing a dragon
And the devil is always chasing you
And in between you have no time to chase the people who you love
And who love you
Ged Thompson Liverpool Poet and Writer 25/01/13

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Wez Jefferies

Wed 30th Jan 2013 19:40

Brilliant Ged. I think it's a scene many of us have looked at before and I love the way you portray it with such coldness.

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Yvonne Brunton

Sat 26th Jan 2013 16:02

I think this is a good example of the impact free verse can have when done well - and we don't find too much of that. You have a great sense of rhythm and cadence in this piece which gives it the right flow to draw the reader /listener on.
I love caring for my granddaughter 1 day a week by choice- but it leaves me exhausted. You have so well got into the mind of someone who has to do it because blood is thicker than water. XX

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Ged Thompson

Sat 26th Jan 2013 13:40

Thankyou Isobel any feedback from yourself is welcome especially positive as I know all of your feedback is galvanised in candor.

I do write a bit of free verse I should dig it out and post it, but

god blyhmey
I love rhymey

Love you lots
Like Jelly Tots


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Sat 26th Jan 2013 10:09

Great social comment here Ged. How many times do you see this pattern repeated? We are all tied to the mortgage macnine that drives us to work longer and harder. It's quite common to see grandparents who are way too old looking after young kids. Not good for them or the children they manage. I've told mine that there's now way I'll be doing it - but I've no doubt I'll get sucked in - cos at the end of the day, you do all you can to help your own.

'The push of a person who has to push on'

I like your dabble with unrhyming poetry - it says what you want to say in an uforced way. Free verse can be done without losing the poetry as your above line illustrates. I very much like the flow of the last verse also.

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