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Australia Day 2013

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The Australian nation was birthed from the turmoil of the 1700s. Mad, King George III ruled the Empire and the tumultuous social upheavals of old Mother England and the American colonies had brought Australia into the picture. It was a saga of epic proportions, and throughout adversities and unique challenges a new people was formed, with a lifestyle and philosophy, ills and haunting issues peculiar to itself as the land it had adopted as its own.



Sup with me 
this bread of affliction 
on which our fellowship 
was made whole, amid mould. 
Drink with me 
this cup of sacrifice, 
our atonement now 
from derision complete. 
Which generation 
withered in searing, 
wanton parchedness; 
whose generation 
bleeds and sweats 
for dreams gone dry. 
Why Australia, God -- 
its dusty ochred plains 
You must kindly love; 
forever in Your heaving 
bosom gently lay, 
Eternal Promise unfold. 
Bring upon us a single heart, 
of filial bonds that unify; 
where interwoven camaraderie 
and interleaving affections, 
Your presence and worth 
is resplendent, alive forever. 

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