Out of Darkness


Out of Darkness



Chancing there be sunshine,

A host of crystal shapes and forms –

None of them the same,

Sends multitudes of rainbows

Against a slumbered room,

     Footsteps in the dark,

Those echoes of her yesteryears –

Her ballet shoes, her ballet shoes!


     She’s spinning now like clown

Pitching bids for freedoms

As the ghost awakens all her charms,

Her reverie upon a neon lounge,

Her shaking hands of victory

Her staking claim to sanity –

Her Spring of opportunity,

Her Spring,

     Her Spring.


     Caught between the window lens,

Caught between her sorrow and her

Love of life, she’s aged awhile

In solitude; but now,

Her breath is warmed within the light.


     Tripping fantastic colours –

Keeping those she’s never seen before,

She’s wavering on euphoric awakenings –

Glad to be alive,

Glad she slept until this day,

Where beams require her eyes

Requires all her solid form

To dance inside her mind,

     Psychically embracing

Nature all around,

She’s found the gift forgotten;-

     And smiles a thousand years.



Michael J Waite 19th January 2013.

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Chris Co

Sat 19th Jan 2013 23:11

Lots to like;

Highlights for me being

Pitching bids for freedom

Requires all her solid form
To dance inside her mind

She's found the gift forgotten;-
And smiles a thousand years

The poem had me thinking, not so much of lost youth as lost ability, possibly disability. Particularly it made me think of the power of memory. The idea of reliving what was once in the now.

Whatever the thoughts behind the poem - I enjoyed it.



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