A Planet Soul of Solitude


                    A Planet Soul of Solitude



You make it so hard for us,

So hard that in time we give up prayer!

     And we never catch sight of you

Never see The God we can’t help

Believe exists,

For we’re asking to be granted

Rights to life,

Asking like condemned

A man upon his last breath

Before we’ve reached

An equitable age,

And dare I say it,

But such is death

Before we’ve lived,

We tire of giving

Breath to deities who,

Who only treat the human

Like cheap margarine

Spread glibly, upon

Breads of mould!


      We have asked

So many times and so

Many times we’re burying

Corpses of children,

So many times loved ones

Pass away without knowing

The love we have for,

We’re all, we’re all crippled

From what you’ve made of us,

Crippled in not knowing

How express the emotions

We know should be flowing

Through a universe of hope,

But hope,


Hope is fading

Faster than we catch

The falling stars

And we’re all stars, if

Only you knew.


We love,

We become heartbroken,

We heal we love again

And invest what’s left

Of life tarnished by too many,

Just too many wars

To be accounted for,

And that perpetual engine

Keeps flowing infants

Who build, demolish

And build again

And still, life is no

Better because,

You never make a presence

Of love and light be

There to guide all;

The fallen,

The sick

The tired of life

That only presents

Hardship, ridicule

And humility.


When and where does

This ill treatment of man

End to show a world

Where compassion

Holds his head amongst

The heavens,

The clouds we see

Drifting by, getting

Greyer and greyer every day.


We would love life

If given chance

To express the meaning –

     Now lost,

We love life so much

We’re compelled to create

Life and nurture this

Till that life can lead itself,

But all along the roads

Now travelled,

     Even the road less

Travelled too,

There’s weariness,

Tired forms of thought

Caught upon encroachment

Of apathy and sorrow,

That sorrow gaining ground

In ever younger folk

Who’ve grown old

Before their time.


     I’m speaking to the Man

Who formed us all,

I’m speaking to the Man

Who never seems acknowledge

All our fears,

     I’m speaking to The Man

I have shouted in the past,

But the solitude

And loneliness of humankind

Fervours only greater storms

Of hate,

Hate that we

Never once were

Born with,

Hate that tortures

Every tender soul,

Hate that turns

All innocence upon


       Till there’s nothing left,

Nothing left but death,

And there,

Once again like

A wretch upon his last,

I’m begging you give

Humanity - reprieve.


Michael J Waite 17th January 2013.


The music is by Biosphere - track entitled Poa Alpina which can be found on the album Substrata.

With great respects!

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