Should he go to Specsavers?

(sense over science)


That time he tried to leave me in the lurch

By `scientifically` coaxing me from church:

How some weird mess of pre-historic goo

Evolved, in some way , into me and you.


How somehow some mysterious molecule

Heaved itself up from some primordial pool

Wended through four million million years

And ended up as me and all my peers.


Until it struck me: who could ever know

Whatever happened all that while ago?

And left him let his eyes go on the blink

From straining after some daft `missing link`

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Ged Thompson

Wed 30th Jan 2013 00:27

Brill stuff Harry

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Harry O'Neill

Mon 21st Jan 2013 20:30

I understand and agree that the theory of Evolution allows all the different - and even contrary beliefs that you speak of. for me it`s the so-called `science` of the thing.

I can, at least read well, and When I read the explanations of the theory intended for the layman I can`t help feeling the `evidence` for the theory is presented in the conviction that Evolution is already incontrovertibly proven. But I don`t find this at all. Quite frankly I find the surmises of some of the paleological bone guys to be quite hilarious `evidence` `I mean: The fish with the bony fins hauling themselves up on to the land - (one can`t help wondering - were they dreaming about one day turning into elephants?)

Despite all this impressive talk about it being an `elegant theory` I can`t escape the feeling that, as they say, I`m being `blinded with science`...It`s all a bit too glib and trendyfor me.

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Nick Clifton

Mon 21st Jan 2013 05:17

hello, 'some daft missing link 'ere' this is wonderfully different, smashing idea young man, [he said knowingly] ta muchly, nick.

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Yvonne Brunton

Sun 20th Jan 2013 12:22

Neat idea. Love the title xx

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Chris Co

Sat 19th Jan 2013 23:24

I like the conviction, humour and glint in the eye of it. I think you might need a comma in the second to last line, after "And left him". Viewpoint...each to their own.



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