A New Year ?


I cannot sing the lords song,

Not now in this strange land,

Where laws are just for changing,

And traditions cannot stand.


I grew with certain values,

Those values now so changed,

The sacred brought to nothingness,

Our morals rearranged.


We spare the rod incessantly,

We give the feckless space,

We can’t promote religion,

We can’t applaud our race.


Our politics corrupted,

We vote and wonder why,

With Kings anachronistic,

And history a lie.


Two thousand years of substance,

Two thousand years of pain,

Two thousand years of glory,

That will not come again.


I don’t agree in absolute,

The words our bibles tell,

But abrogate that meaning,

And we walk the path to hell.


With punishment now frowned on,

All liberties ‘just right’,

Normality man’s nothingness,

And darkness blazing light.


With everything available,

With naught beyond the pail,

With every freedom guaranteed,

We watch the nation fail.


With teenagers illiterate,,

Shopkeepers who can’t count,

Soft Prisons, Civil Partnerships,

What problems we surmount


Perhaps I’m just a bigot,

Who needs the status quo,

Just needing somewhere in the land,

For folk like me to go.


Where still there is tradition,

Where learning has its place,

Where I can go to speak my mind,

And look god in the face.




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John Coopey

Mon 31st Dec 2012 18:08

I too have been thinking about the relationship of personal responsibility to society recently. I've just read Lynn Truss's excellent book "Talk to the Hand".She quotes psychiatrist, Theodore Dalrymple, who on the subject writes, "When a man tells me, in explanation of his anti-social behaviour, that he is easily led, I ask him whether he was ever easily led to study mathematics or the subjunctives of French verbs."

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M.C. Newberry

Mon 31st Dec 2012 16:57

As usual, this writer produces something that encourages us to think beyond the surface. There is certainly much to worry about but I am reassured by the fact that there is also a greater readiness to face and, where necessary, face down the injustices of past "morality" and "righteous" behaviour towards our fellows. We can always change things...but the trick is to keep the balance. Adaptability has always been nature's key to survival...why not ours? "Humanity" needs no lessons from the religious texts...only to promote its own essential definition of decency towards its fellows and the world at large...and that can be seen in the numerous charities, foundations and other bodies of all sorts working to improve the lot of this isolated oasis and its inhabitants spinning on in an eternity of space.
"We rightly recall the curse of what's worse,
But let's not forget the rest of what's best"

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