I Blame The Scapegoats

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(With a nod of debt to the incomparable John O'Farrell)


I blame the Government and the bankers and the rest of the fatcats and the US and the multinationals.

I don’t blame me for:

·        Wanting a sub-prime mortgage I can’t afford

·        Electing the government

·        Electing every government

·        Retiring early and drawing my pension

·        Living longer

·        Driving a foreign car

·        Shopping at Asda/Tesco/Sainsbury

·        Wanting my kids to go to university to study fucking Street Art

·        Using Google/Starbuck’s et al

·        Watching American films and listening to American music

·        Using petrol

·        Flying to foreign holiday resorts

·        Buying on credit

I don’t blame me at all.

I blame the scapegoats.

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<Deleted User> (8659)

Sun 6th Jan 2013 09:25

In every pre election poll there is a section for the 'Don't Knows'. Whatever the eventual outcome of an election, it seems the Don't Knows always end up in Downing St!

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Yvonne Brunton

Sun 30th Dec 2012 22:10

yes Isobel and treat them well as they will be stuck with you for much longer than they eveer anticipated!

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Thu 27th Dec 2012 20:14

Mmmm - though I'd agree that we look to easily for scapegoats, I'm not sure I can whole heartedly agree with where you lay the blame either John.

It is human nature to want to own a home - an englishman's home is his castle and all that. It is human nature to seek out the cheapest food and food providers. If you bought everything at your corner shop it would be a very dear do. It is human nature to want a bit of sun and warmth when you have been pissed down on all year.

Easy credit is a problem though and yes - younger generations seem to embrace debt a lot easier than their elders. There is a desire to have everything and have it now, that has been fostered and encouraged to a large extent by banks and building societies. And just where did this need for brands and designer goods come from - advertising and the creation of a need that was never there before.

For me the problem comes down to too many people on one small island. Yep, we are all living longer which doesn't help. No doubt childlessness will one day be totally overcome once they learn how to grow wombs and perfect test tube pregnancy. The human race has grown too big for its boots. There aren't enough jobs to keep people employed and without that employment people are bored. Boredom is the worst of all evils - it leads to all kinds of problems. On top of that we have a welfare state that we have no hope of affording in the future and not enough land to provide all these castles.

I don't think there are any easy answers to it all - other than offering voluntary euthanasia - and that wouldn't be much of a vote winner, would it?

Meanwhile - learn to love your kids - you will be stuck with them for much longer than you ever imagined :)

tony sheridan

Tue 25th Dec 2012 19:27

Another good one John! Take care, Tony.

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M.C. Newberry

Tue 25th Dec 2012 17:58

Very appropriate as we approach another new year in which to amend some of the self-indulgences we enjoy...if we have the guts.

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