Don't drink and drive !!!

The unlucky vicar


Have you heard about the unlucky vicar?

Who drove down the motorway with too much liquor.

Shame on you sir,you should  set an example,

Nearly four times over the limit after giving a sample.


Thinking God was on your side you jumped in your car,

Thee who spent too much time at the bar.

The Almighty was to deliver a terrible blow.

As down the M25 the vicar did go.


An off duty policeman in a chase did engage,

And pulled over the drink driver from the vicarage.

Blow into this bag,oh my God 125 ,

Microgrammes of alchol in the vicar, on the M25 !


The Archbishop of Boozebury bowed his head in shame,

When he heard one of his vicars had lost his good name.

The lesson is clear don't drink and drive,

Especially if your a vicar on the M25.



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M.C. Newberry

Thu 20th Dec 2012 19:08

Ha-ha! It's quicker by vicar.
Mind you...I have to say that off-duty coppers
have better things to do than chase errant
prelates when there are politicians on slower wheels to pursue. The "motorway" lads are far more likely to do that - and it fits!

tony sheridan

Thu 20th Dec 2012 01:27

Thanks Hugh! Where is Boozebury? Please keep me laughing! Take care, Tony.

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