Jacintha Saldanha R.I.P.

A prank so dreadful and mean,

Destroying a life so dedicated and keen.

A tornado whirling through her trusting brain,

A cruel hoax inflicting devastating pain.


Two children have lost their loving mum,

A nation in tears sad and numb.

A husband has lost a caring wife,

A dedicated nurse a precious life.


Poor soul just doing her job,

A prank that went wrong and her life did rob.

Sadness and tears her colleagues disperse,

For the tragic death of a diligent nurse.


Popular,quiet and profoundly caring,

The grief of her family our whole nation is sharing.

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M.C. Newberry

Sat 8th Dec 2012 11:48

A tragic event. The poor woman must have felt
she could not confide in or seek support from others to bring herself to do such a thing.
It may also be that her origins may have
enforced any sense of responsibility/shame in
such a high-profile incident. The effects of
her decision extend beyond that decision...not
unlike the original call made by those Aussie

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Sat 8th Dec 2012 01:38

I read this today and it really made me sad, in so many ways.
She obviously took this very personally and felt belittled in front of the world. It was a senseless loss of life. You just never know to what extent your words and actions affect someone...

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