I, myself Tommy that's me

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Tommy is thinking:

why do posters refer to themselves

in the third person?

I have tried to,

so has himself.

When speaking in the third person

he finds one asking him:


can two people converse

in the third person?

Tommy finds it difficult to

quote directly from a third person's

point of view

while speaking to the third-person


(or is it your imagination that we find ones mind co-joining).

We wonder if one's first-person

obligates the second-persons

directly attributed pro-noun.

I myself think that we should

(Tommy is speaking directly here)

avoid all confusion in such matters

by using the first-person

when writing or speaking to the reader

as one will find that he or she wonders

if themselves are also confused.


(or is it ones)

Tommy Carroll


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Harry O'Neill

Wed 5th Dec 2012 13:26

It`s called self-reflectivity Tommy.

(And - by the way - why didn`t you tell us you were related to Rafa?)

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Chris Co

Wed 5th Dec 2012 02:45

Well the conscious and subconscious are part of ourselves and they communicate - they are on terms. And I guess we all have differing facets, each a part of who we are, yet each somewhat distinct and different. Maybe a Writer and their nom de plume, or a character actor and their latest role can be on speaking terms? Who knows?

What your poem hits on Tommy, in part is rapped up in the absurdity of grammar that can exist with conversations in the 3rd person. And also ones which switch from the 1st to the 3rd person.

That of course also contains within it the notion of trying to cross a class divide. It reminds me painfully of boxers from broken homes; talking about themselves as though they not in the room.

It's even weirder when words are used that come with other loaded class or cultural connotations. 'Busta Tonenail' ain't gonna consider opponents til January lol.

I also like the way you've used the ambiguity of language to confer a philosophical edge. As though perhaps we have more than one person here - the personality split.

Best stick to the 1st person, you might know who you are then (I agree). That might be good advice to social ladder climbers too though.

I can recall one or two socialists gone bad - who turned into champagne charlies that would have done better to have left 'the 3rd person well alone'.

Good read.



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Mikhail Smith

Tue 4th Dec 2012 14:28

Mikhail read this -- he logged in , he is interested in such things, but rarely speaks about it. After a while he grew bored with the idea. Mikhail decided to log out and go for a walk in the chilly winter air.

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Anthony Emmerson

Tue 4th Dec 2012 13:44

One guesses one does as one sees Mr Carroll. As for Anthony Emmerson, I couldn't possibly speculate Sir!

A wry yet pertinent observation Tommy; one that perplexes me too.


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