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Skull eroded from the inside
By thoughts thumping round its empty cavernous walls
The noise in my head unbearable, echoing,
The repercussions pounding through my body so frail
With every painful beat of my trodden-on heart,
All my hopes, dreams and wants now soiled on the floor...
Yet still I dig my nails into the once-secure future,
Desperate to keep it, screaming out for it to remain,
Dragging sorry bones through another day of "I believe"s
When truth is...truth is something only you know.
Still you court the ghosts who haunt my existence-
Their false faces grinning and shrieking at my devastation,
And with every new demon you beguile, for sport or desire,
A further piece of my life crumbles and turns to dust.

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Jeff Dawson

Thu 5th Feb 2009 20:13

Very powerful Tony, every line a good read, cheers Jeff

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Val Cook

Thu 18th Dec 2008 09:32

Very emotive poem . Has a fast pace throughout, gives it energy. Good work

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clarissa mckone

Thu 18th Dec 2008 05:15

HI Tony, Wow this one lives! Great ideas and emotions!

Pete Crompton

Wed 17th Dec 2008 15:20

good work
with every new demon
I like the idea of a lost love taken by demons, it feels that way, love conjures so much, stirs all of this....all of this, and the hope, how much has happened through hope

I enjoyed this description of your pain and I dont mean it to pleasure in someones pain, I hope you know that, I mean that I feel those things too, and im sure many if not all, I like the way you bring it together, it sounds you are locked in a dungeon of emotion and I'm sure you know that the bolts and the locks won t keep you in for too long

the poem also reminnds of the story of grendel but as written by William Dick of Marillion (the band) aka fish, when he talks of this monster on the rampage for revenge, fuelled by emotions stemming from lost loves im sure.


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