Write Out Loud's Olympics competition: voting ends tonight

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Vorting ends tonight in the competition to find your favourite WOL Olympics poem. We've had a remarkable tally of entries. Let's hope we'ved had a remarkable tally of votes, too! Listed below are the poems. Be sporting - and don’t vote for yourself. The winner will win a priceless piece of Olympic memorabilia. Send your vote for your favourite WOL Olympic poem by email to Graham Sherwood on graham@anagramwords.co.uk


Here are the poems and poets:


A Sporting Heart, Darren Scanlon


Forget About The Trainers and Wear This Sandwich Board Instead, Shadwell Smith


2012 And All that, Richie Muster


Camsol, Winston Plowes


Olympic Dreams, M.C. Newberry


Olympic Dreams, Isobel


Words Fail, Nigel Astell


The Bike Race, Greg Freeman


The Flaming Torch, Steve Mellor


100 Metres, Yvonne Brunton


Us Nolympics, Yvonne Brunton


9.69 Sec, Winston Plowes


The Olympic Spirit, Greg Freeman


It’s Not The Flame That Counts … It’s The Fire In Our Hearts, Yvonne Brunton


12 Olympus Mount, Ben Willems


WOL Olympic Competition, Ted Clarke


Olympics or Globalisation, David Franks


The Queen’s Helicopter Parachute Jump, Hugh


Exercise Without Apparatus, Olive Broderick


It’s *My* Games, Alison Smiles


Relay, Katherine Shirley


1st Class Stamp Approval, Hugh


Whinge and Fucking Bleat, John Coopey 


Wellie Wangin’, Ann Foxglove


Jessica Ennis, The Golden Goddess, Hugh


Wheel of Fortune, Ian Kenyon


Golden Girl, Steve Mellor


Keirin For The Old, Paul Maxey


Olympic Motto For Life, Jeffarama! 


Gold, Steve Mellor


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Ann Foxglove

Tue 14th Aug 2012 17:33

Why on the "Popular Subjects" does it have this WOL comp featured twice - once with 17 entries and once with 28? One seems to be for last month and one for last year?

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Ann Foxglove

Tue 14th Aug 2012 17:31

Knackered Greg? I thought you were in training!

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Greg Freeman

Tue 14th Aug 2012 13:44

Thanks, Jeff! Fixed now - apologies, Shadwell! I think that's the only one ... meant to check them all last night, but I was too knackered.

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Jeff Dawson

Tue 14th Aug 2012 13:22

Graham/Greg - Shadwell might demand a stewards enquiry here - his link goes to 'A Sporting Heart' Darren Scanlon!

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Greg Freeman

Mon 13th Aug 2012 23:40

Not at all, Steve, thanks for pointing it out. Your one is sorted, anyway. Let us know of any others, peeps!

steve mellor

Mon 13th Aug 2012 23:01

Sorry to be a pain in the bum, but my poem 'Golden Girl' has been omitted from the list, and I have a feeling that there may be a couple more

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Tommy Carroll

Tue 7th Aug 2012 13:49

School playing fields: 21 sell-offs have been approved by coalition
• Michael Gove agreed sales despite pledge to protect pitches
• Pressure builds on coalition to rethink sports strategy

steve mellor

Mon 6th Aug 2012 11:44

I shall demand an Enquiry, and possibly dope testing, should there be any question at the time that the result is announced by Graham.

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Greg Freeman

Sun 5th Aug 2012 11:47

I see you're in the WOL Olympic(s) Competition section instead, Steve, along with Ann and Yvonne. I'm sure Graham won't overlook any of you when the starting gun is fired! Greg

steve mellor

Sun 5th Aug 2012 07:57

ok then - who's afraid of the competition? how come my second entry (tagged appropriately) doesn't register when looking in the 'WOL Olympic Competition' section?
who's the scaredy cat?

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