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The Hate Destroying You

Doe-eyed woodland artistry glows
oh, how you hide your face away
I give and give to you
investment in a broken thing
once-grateful hands grab more and more

There is a sickness of mind
a blackness and a spoilt heart
where blame is always searching
and mirrors cannot exist
once-blooming thoughts crush more and more

Pushing on the posts that held you up
you’ve pushed too hard this final time
the string of respect has frayed to nothing
now we’ve come to this: a closing door
once-hopeful eyes fear more and more

One day, when all is settled, I hope you change
let go of all the hate and grow in mind
one day, when all is healed, I wish you love and say
destroy the hate destroying you
and save yourself

Destroy the hate destroying you
and save yourself...


(Jan, 2011)

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tony sheridan

Tue 16th Oct 2012 13:54

I like this. Very well written and how very true. Take care, Tony.

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Marianne Louise Daniels

Wed 27th Jun 2012 15:53

You have an exceptional talent - so well written and moving - beautiful stuff. I admire your work alot - right up my street.

"Destroy the hate destroying you and save yourself.." - hairs standing up on back of the neck stuff there. excellent.

<Deleted User> (10423)

Mon 25th Jun 2012 00:09

Very moving, Thom. Nice one. 8-)

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