Bikini To Peace (Two Piece!)

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Forty five long years ago

I marched from Aldermaston.

My teenage rage inflamed by

bomb tests in the air.

MAD was what we fought against

and madness ruled the world.

The milk was full of strontium

and Cuba bristled nukes.


That stronty ninetium

does no good to your tum.


JFK, the poster boy, faced down

the missile threat.

He took the world

right to the edge

while playing Monroe's bed.

The human race survived that day

to claim a peaceful earth.

Polaris is a shining star,

not a spike of death.

Trident just a mythic fork,

cruise a well earned rest.

Mutual destruction

is assured for nukes and war.

Peace is our one demand.

Peace we will stand for.


Men and women stand together.

Do not heed the men of war.

Make your minds up now or never,

ban the bomb for evermore.

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Pete Crompton

Sun 15th Feb 2009 13:07

I recall you telling me of the march to Aldermaston

Polaris is a shining star, not a spike of death.

- well thats superb.

Cuba bristled nukes - another classic

this is a subject close to my heart
enjoyed your take on it
I think you could have a version 2, a longer version for us real Nuke freaks!

Super, opens up the MAD debate too
I was / am very interested in the particualr technical details of our deterrent (me being a technician), the PROJECT CHEVALINE was very interesting, as was the VULCAN bomber tactics/phiosophies of pilots, all interesting stuff

I like you JFK poster boy too.
I think that the poem raises the issues and could easily be extended in to a full blown political piece

maybe a project for later Malcolm?

thanks for posting

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Sun 9th Nov 2008 10:15

Thanks Daniel

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Daniel Hooks

Sat 8th Nov 2008 19:25

great poem i love the sentiment!

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