Dog Food.


I’ll set the scene ‘the slaughter house’

The noise, the smell, the blood, the flies,

And in this reek I walked and woke,

To see where all compassion dies.


And in a pen, alone aloof,

A great old bull a mighty mound,

Who stood and watched and waited death,

But offered not a single sound.


This once proud heap, this thing of flesh,

Had been a king among his kind,

But here alone with lowered head,

Wide empty eyes and emptied mind.


My soul told him to strike and fight,

To die with pride, to rave and rage,

And stand against the will of men,

Who brought him to this bitter cage.


They killed him while I stood and watched,

Just fit for dog food I was told,

Will this be me I contemplate,

Now I am weak, now I am old.


For fifty years he’s touched my heart,

A beast that showed a way to truth,

Who helped me find a way to live,

But brought an end to treasured youth.




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Donna Scott

Fri 24th Feb 2012 09:17

Very powerful.

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John Coopey

Mon 20th Feb 2012 23:47

This also brought back a long forgotten memory for me of standing with a group of other kids watching the men despatch cattle with a bolt gun. Either a memory or a dream. Food production was less sanitised (literally and figuratively) in those days. I think that was healthy too. It meant you had no self-delusions that meat was clean, pre-packed food you bought from the supermarket; it was flesh and blood and had been killed.

stella jones

Mon 20th Feb 2012 23:17

I am wondering how you came to be there Ian?..I have a piece called The Judas Sheep which you have reminded me of..

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M.C. Newberry

Mon 20th Feb 2012 20:44

It can come to any of us to play "God" under
certain circumstances; it's just as well most of us are spared that...most, if not all, of the time. A vivid depiction of death visited
upon a living creature for mankind's purposes.
Like Oxymandias...we are all headed for history - hopefully with someone or some animal
close to hand to see us out. At least your bull went quickly, whereas we are content to
permit a lengthy, undignified & painful demise
for our fellows in the name of "humanity" and "religion". How perverse is that?!

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Ian gant

Mon 20th Feb 2012 20:21

A very real experience that at on analysis brought me to the realisation that however you may live and however exalted your position history may well reduce you to dog-food or a comment on waste paper

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