“Mummy,” queries Oliver, “What does serendipity mean?”

“Let me see your teeth, Ollie. Are you sure you brushed them clean?”

“Well?” persists the little lad as she rushes him out the door.

Words like that, she thinks to herself, should be against the law!


She chats about the day ahead, his attention goes astray.

But now it all comes back to him as they are on their way.

“Mummy,” queries Oliver, “What does serendipity mean?”

“Look at the apples on that stall! Aren’t they the best you’ve seen?”


“SERENDIPITY!” he hollers. And for such a little lad

It’s a wonder he can say it. Her conscience pricks her bad.

“Serendipity? Well, it means –”  And Oliver’s eyes grow round.

Surely Mum knows everything. What is this he may have found?

“Now how can I best explain it?” she ponders as well she might.

Reaching the school gates, she says, “Darling, I’ll tell you tonight.”


Hurrying off to the factory, with not a minute to spare,

Time with a dictionary or a computer would be rare.

Research must wait until tonight. Lets hope he has forgotten

And does not ask any sooner or she will feel rotten.


A single mother out of work, she had been at quite a loss

Till she took this job last month and fell in love with the boss.

She’d almost missed the interview, he almost took another.

Now on a fifth romantic lunch they're perfect for each other.


“Imagine if you hadn’t come.” He speaks with sincerity.

“Our love is such a happy chance, it's serendipity!”

Ah, now she has the definition! It's happy circumstance.

She can tell her son at once.  And she’s found it quite by chance!

serendipity WOL compSerendipity

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Lynn Dye

Mon 20th Feb 2012 11:56

Thank you Isobel :o)

And thank you, Dave, your interpretation is how it was meant to be read.

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Dave D Poet Rhumour

Mon 20th Feb 2012 08:50

What is charming about this tale is the love of a mother for her child makes her determined to preserve his expectations of her invincibility.

If a parent can manage to maintain that illusion all the way up to double figures, then they are doing well!

Best wishes, Dave

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Sun 19th Feb 2012 14:57

We are pulling your leg Lynn. I like the simplicity of your story - it works. Happiness is different things to different people. For me it's about being in control of my own destiny. I'm not sure I'd like to date the boss - but we are all different. Perhaps we should have a themed competition about happiness - that might produce a lot of head scratching for some of us...

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Lynn Dye

Sun 19th Feb 2012 11:52

I guess what I was really aiming for was a sense of irony in that she found out by chance that this was what the word meant.
It is up to the reader to decide whether it is a happy story or not.
Or perhaps it is only happy if you just take it at face value, and not imagine her getting dumped with her poor sun under a bus! :o)
Thanks for comments though, all welcome x

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Sun 19th Feb 2012 10:17

Ha - that's cos you're a cynic and imagine that a week later she'll be dumped and jobless :)) The thought did cross my mind...
But that in itself might be a piece of seredipity cos there might be some soul mate just around the corner, who wins the Euromillions days after falling madly in love with this single mum...

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Rachel Bond

Sat 18th Feb 2012 23:35

well i dont see whats happy about this poem. happy what does that even mean?

<Deleted User> (6895)

Sat 18th Feb 2012 22:45

hope you cleaned it up afterwards!!
haha&thats all from her
and all from me!!
theeya thoon.xx

Profile image

Lynn Dye

Sat 18th Feb 2012 21:23

Thank you everyone for your comments. :o)

I've done a little tweaking in the meanwhile...

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Sat 18th Feb 2012 10:29

A happy story Lynn - the world needs such happy stories - nice take on the theme :)

<Deleted User> (6895)

Sat 18th Feb 2012 09:07

A lot of work in this one Lynn.xx

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Rachel Bond

Fri 17th Feb 2012 23:52

aww it could have been that their awfully fated designer date meant that she should have at least guessed at something for her son before she offloaded him onto the state system for answers because while they were dining the lad saw a bright apple on the other side of the school gates and rushed out to get it for his mum but was ran over by a big red bus and never got there. perhaps there is another word for this kind of pessimistic happenstance that i dont know...ah well computers and dictionaries are out of reach ;0 x

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Cynthia Buell Thomas

Fri 17th Feb 2012 17:23

Good one, Lynn, rough, yes, but spot on topic, and a quick pleasurable read.

<Deleted User> (6315)

Fri 17th Feb 2012 15:11

Awwww..that's such a happy verse, made me smile lots :)

Profile image

M.C. Newberry

Fri 17th Feb 2012 14:21

Which could apply to anyone finding this happy

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