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Lament for the World (Part 1; Designation)

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The world is a spoilt and spiteful child

Corrupted by greed, gluttony and sloth,

The world is a cruel and bitter place

Consumed by envy, pride and lust.


Everything seems to cost the earth

Yet is immediately worthless,

Everything appears to be in great demand

Yet is instantly disposable.


Everything has built in redundancy

But still commands a high price,

Everything has flaws and design faults

Yet still monopolises the market.


Everything is made just for a quick return

Calculated down to a fine art for expediency,

Everything is a tasteless counterfeit bargain

Marketed and promoted beyond its real utility.


Everything lacks quality, value and integrity

There is nothing of substance or decent calibre,

The world is full of trivia and superficiality

Reduced to its lowest common denominator.


Everything is quickly outmoded

Made redundant by the latest gimmick,

Everything is soon old fashioned

Superseded by some new con or trick.


The ground is littered and the air polluted

The waters are fouled and the fires contaminated,

The World is a peeved and despoiled place

Entirely ruined, trashed and wasted.


--- Part 2; The End following soon ---

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Andy N

Sun 5th Feb 2012 13:38

do like this, matey in particular the first stanza here.. it's possibly a bit long for my tastes, as i wonder whether a bit of editing may make it sharper but i totally agree with your message.. A

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