Windermere (Chants from Walkabouts - 16)

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Poem 159 of 230:  WINDERMERE - SUMMER 2001


C2 F3 G2 F3 D1 F2 D3 C1 C3
B2 G3 F2 A1 G3 B2 c1 c3
C2 F3 G2 F3 D1 F2 D3 C1 C3
B2 G3 F2 A1 G3 B2 c1 c3

C2 F2 B2 e2
e1 d1 c1 B1 A1 G1 F3
C2 F2 B2 e2
e1 d1 c1 B1 A1 G1 F3) 

Some thirteen years since my first visit
    (Then, dropped - from hitching - just near;
This time, by train and a downhill walk),
    I arrived at Windermere:

A Wainwright-like
Windermere walkabout;
A Wordsworth-like
Windermere walkabout.

On the vessel Miss Cumbria Three,
    A chill-out trip to Ambleside -
Viewing the trees, the farms, the fells,
    And the more-sporty ways to ride.


Once there, an uphill walk through the shops
    Led to a leaf, rock and root track,
With a stalactite-like mossy falls,
    And a bridge - starting the way back.


Track-side (gripping the ghyll), ancient woods
    Shaded what was a sunny day,
And the babbling-brook gave sound softly -
    Soothing the soul a further way.


Then home - again charmed by the thin-stone
    Minimum-mortar kept buildings,
The surrounds of England’s largest lake,
    And movie train-window viewings.


(C) David Franks 2003

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tony sheridan

Sat 3rd Nov 2012 20:12

I love cumbria. You can recharge yourself. Nice one. Take care, Tony.

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